About Us



Mission Statement 

Why are we doing this? 

We believe there is less support and information available for adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), compared with the diagnosis and management of ADHD in children. No two people with ADHD are the same. However, we share familiar frustrations, missed opportunities, and struggles that come with having ADHD. 

We want to show members of the public and health professionals, perspectives from a variety of individuals, so you can see just how differently it affects us. We also want to support people who suspect they may have ADHD or have a confirmed ADHD diagnosis whether recent, or from 20 years ago.  

We feel it important to have a one-stop resource for adults with ADHD. Exploring the Internet for information when you have ADHD can lead to confusion, frustration, distraction, and feelings of overwhelm. We also want resources to be accessible for friends and family so they can understand the complexities and emotional elements of the disorder.  

During one ADHD support group meeting in Leeds, a discussion amongst a group of individuals who happened to be there, took place. We shared the challenges faced conveying the experience of living with Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with a wider audience. Following this conversation, the seed of an idea for a YouTube channel started to germinate.  

Who are we? 

We are a group of five adults, four of us share a formal diagnosis of adult ADHD and take medication to manage the condition. Our fifth member is a “neuro-typical” adult; they provide invaluable expertise, management and bring an all round calm to the proceedings. We contribute to the concept, design and delivery of the channel voluntarily. Our backgrounds are diverse, each providing a unique skill-set (see our profile section for further information).  

Occasionally we will seek support and contributions outside our group.  

What is the purpose? 

The purpose of our content is to offer the following: 

  • Personalised experience of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder 
  • Specialist opinion 
  • Reference to clinical evidence  
  • Signposting to services and products available, declaring any conflict of interest as appropriate 
  • Information for people seeking a diagnosis 
  • information for friends and family of people with ADHD.  

We are not:  

  • endorsing a particular treatment, lifestyle or intervention  
  • offering our experiences as the full range of potential outcomes from the disorder  
  • providing information to follow that is personal or anecdotal. 

How do we aim to deliver our “product”? 

We aim to offer information from: our individual experiences, expert opinion from qualified professionals, and academic literature on a wide range of issues from an adult perspective of the condition.  

The information will be delivered through scheduled videos, and written material in a blog style on our website. Potential opportunities in the future for the website will be to offer signposting for resources, products and services. 

All involved grant permission for use of the online content in clinical settings.